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About AnaLexicis

AnaLexicis Bridewell is a proud Angeleno with a one-of-a-kind personality and genuine spirit! Growing up in Los Angeles inspired her to attend college in the City of Angels and earn her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She was on her way to take on law school, until she had her "aha" moment! AnaLexicis decided to let go of others' dream for her to become a lawyer and entered into another field: education. In her various roles, AnaLexicis always found herself planning and executing events for various communities. Eventually, it became a passion she has further made into a lifestyle. More than likely on any given day, you will find AnaLexicis with a planner and pen in her hand ready to make ideas come to life.

While AnaLexicis still works in higher education, she prioritizes her physical and mental health by adding self-care elements in her daily life. She loves to workout and is in the process of completing her personal training certification. AnaLexicis also enjoys tapping in to her creative side. This includes (but certainly not limited to) practicing cursive and calligraphy, listening to music and randomly dancing, creating essential oil scents, and brainstorming new events and activities that will create memorable, fun experiences!

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Be My Authentic Self

In a Snapshot

ESFJ-A Personality Type ● Morning Bird ● Under 5'5 and Fun Sized ● Beach Goer ● Achiever ● Fitness Enthusiast and Spin Cyclist ● Easy-going ● Enjoys Painting and Coloring ● Competition ● Playlist for Every Life Moment Kinda Girl ● Black Lives Matter ● Relator ● Recovering Perfectionist ● Weak Spot for Sparkling Water, Turmeric, and Pizza ● Capricorn ● The Larger the Hoop Earring, the Better ● Mind over Matter ● Handwriting Guru ● Lives for a good Manicure and Pedicure ● Strategic ● Holistic Approaches ● Likes to Edit Papers ● 90s R&B + Hip Hop ● Loves Anything Pink, Black, Gold and Glitter ● Activator ● Life Long Learner ● Happiness is a True Priority ● Finds Joy in Dancing and Learning Choreography ● Appreciates "Real Talk and Real Events"...

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