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Real Talk: Episode 1 | BHM Edition

It brings me absolute joy to bring to life the "real talk" aspect of my tagline, Where Real Talk Meets Real Events™. My Real Talk segments are designed to have real conversations with real individuals - a space where people can be themselves as we explore various topics about life and the world we live in. The beautiful thing I am most excited about when it comes to Real Talk is nothing is off limits! As the host, I promise to keep it real...and so do my guests.

*Drumroll please...*

Real Talk: Episode 1 | Black History Month Edition

This week, I had the honor of connecting with one of my childhood friends and CEO/Owner of Pure Lilli, Veronica Kidd. We talk about a little of everything - from balancing our full time jobs and being business owners to acknowledging what it means to be Black women in America and its lifelong impact. We also share some good skin care tips and tricks that will have you looking glowing at future events!

Make sure to show Veronica Kidd and her skin care business, Pure Lilli some love by checking out her website She is also on Instagram at purelilliskincare (business) and kiddsplay (personal).

All of my Real Talk segments can be accessed on IGTV under my profile at AnaLexicisBridewell at any time. Stay tuned for episode 2 of Real Talk - you don't want to miss out!



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